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There's No Better Person Than To Be Yourself

- From a Teenager's perspective -

As teenagers we have our own mind, our own ideas and especially our own imagination that can take us anywhere. From our point of view, there is nothing we could not be from a astronauts, firefighters, prima ballerinas, to anything our grand imagination might lead us to. As we grow older we are taught how to think, our imagination suddenly has a limit. We become the person society wants us to be and we then have lost sight of who we always were meant to be.

People now days are so afraid to be themselves. They hide behind a mask trying their best to fit in. We each chose our own mask however decorative, inventive or plain they might be. We believe we must have the right clothes, say the right things, act the right way in order to fit in. Society expects us to do the impossible and still it’s never enough. So we change who we are, we try our best to be what is considered “acceptable”.

But what if we stopped to really think about it? We would realize the obvious...society does not live our lives, it does not get to control us. We do not need to fit in when we can stand out. We have a voice, let it be heard! Not everyone will like you but they do not need to because you are not put on this earth to please others. You are put on this earth to love yourself to live the best way you possibly can. This by no means is easy, on the contrary in reality it may be one of the hardest things we can achieve when society is telling us that being yourself isn’t “acceptable.” The goal is to realize it is worth it. The effort to not fall into the expectations that society has for each of us but rather be ourselves can make all the difference in our world as well as our own personal lives.

There is no better person to be than yourself. That statement is simply true because everyone is different no matter how similar they seem. No two things are alike maybe on the outside it may appear as if that is the case but on the inside they could be complete opposites. It’s time to stop trying to please everyone by becoming who they want you to be. It’s time to take a moment and remember who you are. Fall in love with that person because it is who you are meant to be. Fall in love with your uniqueness. Just be You! See where your teenage imagination can truly take you and what a beautiful world we can make.

As adults, we often do the Same!